Brand Activation
Maui Jim brand possesses all the characteristics people associate with Hawaii: an easy-going Island attitude, appreciation of the outdoors and a deep respect for nature. By defining their brand and then activating it in all consumer and trade facing communications, Maui Jim was able to connect better with its audience, positively impacting site traffic and sales.
  • Creative development
  • eCommerce site build
  • Video shoot and editing
  • Photo shoot and editing
  • Social media integration
01. The cover of Maui Jim’s Hatch Award-winning catalog.
02. Inside, the pages burst with images of brilliant Maui locations.
03. Magazine ads remind that the world is more colorful in Maui Jims.
04. Point of sale displays also care the colorful new branding.
05. A brand video shot for retail spaces also lives on YouTube.
06. gets an e-commerce site branding update.